Draft circulation

The drafts circulated by SIS are standards proposals on which all are invited to comment. This gives those of you who do not actively participate in the standardization process an opportunity to express viewpoints and propose improvements, while at the same time receiving information about the content of forthcoming standards.

Why circulate drafts?

The drafts circulated by SIS are mainly intended for those of you who are unable to participate in SIS committee work, yet who still wish to be informed and to have an opportunity to influence the process. All Swedish organizations are able to comment on the content of these standard proposals.

Circulating drafts of standards proposals for comment is central to our standardization process. The circulation of these drafts is important in enabling affected parties to influence the requirements and content of the standards developed. A circulated draft also provides advance information, allowing you to prepare and adapt your business to new requirements. Your responses help us at SIS, in collaboration with participants in our committees, to develop relevant, practicable and high-quality standards.


A circulated draft contains one or more proposals for standards texts that are thoroughly prepared and formally accepted as standards proposals. All viewpoints and comments received are considered, although the committee responsible is not liable to insert all the proposed changes. In most cases, however, the proposed standard is revised in line with comments received from participants and referral bodies. The process adopted when developing a standard and circulating a draft version is essentially the same at both the national and international level. For an international standard proposal, the Swedish comments are gathered together and forwarded to the international working committee for consideration. If you have submitted comments on a draft proposal, you may be invited by the SIS committee responsible for its circulation to participate when it considers these comments. 

Who receives draft proposals?

All standards proposals are circulated for comment, whether they involve a national, European or global proposal. Drafts are automatically circulated for comment to the relevant prescribing agencies and those companies, organizations or authorities that are participating in the actual process.

In addition to the above, the responsible committee at SIS identifies other interested parties that also receive a draft version. Other interested organizations are welcome to order draft proposals direct from SIS.

Where to find and purchase draft proposals

Check the list of current draft proposals at www.sis.se/drafts

Each draft circular features the price, the final date for responses and where to send your order.

Draft proposals from SIS:

• contain one or more standards proposals

• offer a preview of forthcoming standards

• enable you to express viewpoints and make suggestions for improvement.