SIS – Organisation

The Swedish Institute for Standards is an international organisation specialised in national and international standards. With us, private industry and public-sector stakeholders can take initiatives and collaborate on best practices that promote Sweden’s competitiveness and encourage smart, sustainable development.

Business concept 

SIS acts as project manager for Swedish and international efforts to develop standards and promote their use. We also offer training, services and products that help our customers to develop their businesses and create societal benefits with the help of standards.


SIS operates across all areas of Swedish society including industry, academia, the public sector and non-governmental organisations.

In 2020, had 1 067 companies, agencies and organizations as members.


Over 4 800 experts from 1 600 organisations participated in standardisation work at SIS during 2020.


SIS numbers around 160 employees who combine a broad range of expertise in technology, economics, languages, diplomacy and negotiation technique, as well as possessing key personal qualities such as social competence and a sensitivity to other cultures – something that contributes to successful international collaboration.


SIS posted sales of SEK 282 million in 2020.

Swedish Standards Council

Sveriges Standardiseringsförbund (Swedish Standards Council) is the principal body for all Swedish standardization. Sveriges Standardiseringsförbund is tasked with promoting interest in standardization and the employment of standards to benefit industry and commerce, public administration and society at large. The Swedish State and Svenskt Näringsliv (the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise) appoints Sveriges Standardiseringsförbund commissioners.