Past SIS projects and activities

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SIS is assigned by the UN to provide capacity building inputs to the establishment of the national standardization body in Turkey.


SIS is assigned by the UN to support the establishment of the national standardization body of Ethiopia.


SIS and the national standardization body GOST in former Soviet Union enters into a bilateral agreement to cooperate in the field of standardization and quality technology; a pilot project regarding water and pollution is implemented.


SIS is assigned by UNIDO to implement standardization in Thailand.


The cooperation agreement between SIS and the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) is established. SIS assists the TBS in the transfer of know-how on the structure and the organization of a national standardization body in Tanzania.


SIS is implementing the European Committee funded project in Sierra Leone on standardization.


SIS provides technical support to the national standardization body in Ecuador.


SIS delivers test equipment including training and manuals to the national standardization body in Tunisia. 


SIS assists the national standardization body EVS in Estonia with training in communication; to improve the communication schemes with the Estonian industry.


SIS supports the national standardization body COGUANOR in Guatemala with re-organizing the structures of COGUANOR which was under the Ministry of Finance to become a recognized standardization body; developing and shaping the standardization modules to fit the country.


SIS establishes a multi-stakeholder reference group to provide international requirements and qualification of personnel involved in demining operations in post-conflict countries. The assignment is financed by Sida.


SIS provides training in environmental management (ISO 14000) to public-private stakeholders from Botswana, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Nigeria, Philippines, Sudan and Syria. The project is financed by Sida. 


The tourism sector of Southeast Asia is growing rapidly with major implications on the infrastructure, environment and the ecosystem. SIS provides training in ecotourism and eco-labeling to stakeholders in Philippines. The project is part of the EU-cooperation with ASEAN-countries. Technical know-how is transferred within areas of food and electrical safety, and tourism.


SIS provide training in quality control of condoms to 13 African countries; aiming at improving the product safety of condoms at the local markets in Africa.


The senior-management levels of African national standardization bodies receive training by SIS; to develop the African Organization for Standardization (ARSO) as an effective instrument on standardization work at regional and global levels. The long-term objective is to increase trade relations in the inter-African market as well as globally. The project was funded by Sida.


SIS collaborates with the Chinese standardization body SAC on resource efficient packaging and recycling of waste.

2009 onwards

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